Going to Alabama [June Demo version]

by Adam Asher

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I think the protagonist of this song moved to Mississippi because he didn't have anything else to do and it seemed romantic or something, and now he maybe regrets the decision. The first verse is his telling a friend of his, "Hey, if you're ever coming through, you can come visit or whatever..." But you can tell he really wants him to, he's lonely. The second verse provides some background, and mentions the "washboard melodies" in the bluegrass music he's listening to because that's what he imagines someone living in the South should be listening to. That's also where the "metal against metal" line in the chorus comes from. The songs about "going to Alabama" might be "O Susanna" or any number of old folk songs that talk about the state. Basically, it's a song about being far away from home and lonely, but not admitting that you're homesick.


I have this letter in my pocket I've been meaning to send to you
Said I'm still staying in Biloxi if you're ever passing through
Bedsheets soaked with last night's sweat
And some things I'd rather just forget

The sound of metal against metal makes a lullaby tonight
Singing songs in the damp Mississippi night
About goin' to Alabama

I left my home up in Chicago a year ago today
For a time and for a city long ago and far away
Sound of washboard melodies
Make me shaky at the knees



released July 1, 2013